The Fault In Our Stars

I think we can all agree TFIOS is one of the best books ever!!! I mean it is just perfection!
So I am watching it tomorrow night and the viewing is called The Night Before Our Stars (by the way, I am totally not trying to brag, I’m just so excited!) and I get to watch it a night early and get a poster and a bracelet representing the book/movie!!! Also(!), there is a live talk with the actors(on screen of course[not in person])!!! I am so excited to see TFIOS even though I will undoubtedly cry my eyes out and get totally overtaken my feels. Oh well, no pain no gain, right? Haha. I’m kinda freaking out over here… Ughhhhh I’m totally fangirling (and rambling)…
I might post a “my thoughts about TFIOS” entry… What do you think?
What are your opinions about the book?

{only downside is I will probably be 30 minutes late due to a ballet rehearsal for Don Quijote 😭}



Don Q

Our summer recital for dance is Don Quijote! My group is being villagers. Our choreographer (who is also our teacher) doesn’t really know English and he is too old to demonstrate correctly so it is really stressful for all of us to try to understand him and learn his dance.
We originally learned the dance flat just to get the hang of it and then started to do it on pointe later. The problem is it was already really fast and long and hard on flat, let alone on pointe!!! It is also much harder for me because I just got back from an injury (but I think I’ll make a different post about that later). I sure hope it turns out well 😝


Extra time

I took a math test yesterday and I knew for sure I didn’t know how to do two of them/the answers so I asked my friends what they got… I got it wrong. But today, my teacher gave us extra time so I was able to correct it!!!

We also have an ongoing project in English that we’ve had like 6 weeks and it’s due Monday and I barely just started it… Yikes.

Gym Swim

Currently in gym we are swimming and since dance and swimming are different (one is aerobic and the other is anaerobic) swimming is really good to build endurance for dancers (and running isn’t good for dancers) so even though I hate gym, I’m actually trying in swimming. If any of you have to swim in gym it’s actually really helpful 😋.
Btw. Don’t run into doors with your knee. It kills. That’s how smooth I am 😎. I think I’m gonna have a looottttt of bruises on my knee tomorrow 😅

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